Medical Imaging Services

Medical Imaging

Service Summary

Our professional Medical Radiation Technologists are able to provide:

  • CT Exams
  • Gastrics
  • General Radiology
  • Mammography
  • Ultrasound

Medical Imaging can be found in the lower level of the hospital; entering through the ER entrance is the faster way to access the department.


All of your exams are interpreted by the Radiologists at London X-Ray Associates. The results will be sent to your primary care provider and/or referring physician. To learn more about how to prepare for your exam, please view our Exam Prep Sheet 

Booking an Appointment

Please call 519-524-8323 x5474 between 0800-1600 Monday-Friday


A requisition from a Health Care provider is required. Medical Imaging Requisition FORM


Outpatient hours

0800-1900 Monday-Friday

0830-1630 Holidays and weekends

All exams require an appointment (X-Rays, CT, Ultrasound, Mammography, Gastrics)


Preparing for your visit

A valid Health Card is required for all services, otherwise a fee will be charged.

CPt having CT Done-This is a picture of a Patient having a CT Scan DoneT scan (Computed Tomography)

CT scans are more detailed than general x-rays, using computers to generate three-dimensional images. CT exams are fast, easy and painless. The CT scanner is a large machine with a short tunnel-like hole in the middle, where a narrow examination table slides you in and out. To learn more about how to prepare for your exam, please view our CT Prep Sheet, and CT Requisition 


Pediatric CT

 Pediatric CTs are not done routinely at AM&GH as special protocols and dose level reductions are required. All elective Pediatric CTs are referred to the Children's Hospital of South Western Ontario in London. In the event of an emergency, special pediatric trauma protocols are implemented so that we can quickly and safely CT a child in an emergency situation.


The hospital has been established as a breast-screening centre as part of the Ontario Breast Screening Program. This program allows women aged 50 to 70 with no history of breast disease to make self-referrals for routine mammograms. For more info click on the exam prep sheet at the top of this page.



Gastric studies use x-rays

Barium Enema Preparation Patient Information

Small Bowel Follow Through Preparation

UGI Prep Sheet


picture of our Ultrasound Technician performing an ultrasound


Ultrasound uses real time, high frequency soundwaves to generate images of the body. At AMGH we do Abdominal, Pelvic, OB, Breast and small part Ultrasounds among others to image the throat, stomach, small and large bowels. Most studies require the use of barium. This is a type of contrast which allows the radiologist to see the gastro-intestinal tract in more detail.
Ultrasound Prep Sheet


PACS Resources

PACS Resources are available if required by another health care provider:

PACS - London Site Information 

PACS - Looking up Goderich Patient Images In ZFP  

Please click on the links below for more Medical Imaging information: