Dialysis Unit

Service Summary

The Alexandra Marine and General Dialysis Unit opened May 23, 2001 as a satellite of the London Health Sciences Centre Renal Program. We have 6 stations that accommodate 12 patients per day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hemodialysis treatments range from 3 hours to 4.5 hours in length, depending on the individual client condition. All patients are assessed in London before using the Alexandra Marine and General Dialysis unit. The Goderich satellite dialysis unit is in place to serve local patients with clinical stable renal failure and require hemodialysis. If a patient cannot be dialyzed safely, then he/she is returned to London Health Science Centre until their condition improves.

Your Care Team

The Dialysis unit is staffed by specially trained Nurses and Dialysis Unit Assistants. The Dialysis unit is supported by the Nephrology staff of LHSC. A nephrologist and nurse practitioner visit on site every 4 to 5 weeks for a face to face patient assessment and adjustment of medications or dialysis treatment based on patient and drug/blood work review. Between visits, biweekly Telemedicine conference/patient care rounds are held with the team in London.



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