Patient Care

Patients & Visitors

Here at Alexandra Marine and General Hospital, we know that whether you are a patient or a visitor, being in a hospital can sometimes make you feel uncertain and nervous. To ensure this is not the case, AMGH has adopted the AIDET concept. With our use of AIDET, you can expect that our staff and physicians will give you confidence that we know how to do our jobs and that you are in excellent care.

Acknowledge the patient and make them feel welcome
Introduce yourself, say job title and what you do at AMGH
Duration-let the patient know the length of their exam, procedure or appointment
Explain step-by-step, so the patient knows what to expect
Thank you for choosing AMGH

The links to the left will have important information that may be of use to you while here, or before your visit. Contact information, directions, parking, telephone, and visiting hours all can be found here.

If there is any information you feel would be useful that is not already supplied, please be sure to let us know by using the feedback link at the right of the page. By helping us better understand your needs, we can be a better hospital for you and your community. Your feedback is very much appreciated.


Patient & Family Handbook