Corporate and Financial Reports

Corporate and Financial Reports

Alexandra Marine and General Hospital is dedicated to providing the best quality of care to all our patients, and we are proud to be part of a system that is focused on quality, accountability, transparency and results.


Alexandra Marine and General Hospital strives for excellence in everything we do. The annual report highlights successes that clearly demonstrate how the hospital provides the best possible care for our patients and continuously improves quality of care.


Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (HSAA) Agreement

Every hospital in Ontario is required to negotiate a Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (H-SAA) with Ontario Health.


The H-SAA is typically a two-year contract that stipulates accountability and performance obligations for planning, integration and delivery of programs and services.


The AMGH H-SAA with Ontario Health and Ontario Health West is available below. Our financial plan reflects our commitment to fiscal accountability and organizational performance within the parameters of our H-SAA.

Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act

Alexandra Marine and General Hospital operates in compliance with the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996. The act requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario to disclose annually the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year. This information can be found in the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act Reports