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2012-02-04-Clinical Services Planning

AMGH is launching its Clinical Services Planning on Monday February 4. , Clinical Services Planning will build upon the Strategic Planning Process that took place last year and facilitate care delivery at AMGH both in the short term and long term.

What's the difference between strategic planning & clinical services planning?

A Strategic Plan sets out a picture of our future. It defines our overall purpose and who we serve; provides a broad sense ofthe type of services we should offer; and tells how we will achieve our goals as an organization.

A Clinical Service Plan is the logical next step that defines what services we should offer in more detail now that we know what our overall picture is for the future. It brings the discussions down from the 20,000 foot level to ground zero as we define in detail what those services are and why we chose them as being core to our business.

The process uses current data and information about the external funding and service environment we are in. It applies evidence based best practices in the recommendations and it determines market share information that highlights whowe could be serving in future. It validates assumptions through your feedback to form a service 'blueprint 'of possibilities and knowns. It informs our decision makingby giving us options, recommendations and scenarios.

What are the Steps we are Undertaking?

We will never achieve our vision and mission without a plan - its as simple as that. We are on a Journey that has stages which build upon each other.

Stage I: Strategic Plan - Completed April 2012

  • Mission, Vision , Values and Organizational Principles
  • Big Picture- sense of direction

Stage II: Clinical Services Plan (CSP)- Starting February 4 and anticipating completion late April 2013

ยท Recommendations and scenarios as to future service directions and financial and human resources needs.

  • Human resources plan for physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Future Decision making tool

Stage III: Final Decisons based on CSP Recommendations

- Anticipated completionsummer 2013.

  • CSP Project Steering Committee determines final decison and seeks Board of Directors for approval as to service and operational directions for the organization.

Stage IV: Operational Plan - Anticipated completion Fall 2013

  • Action Plans to achieve goals and priorities across the organization
  • To establish who is accountable for what action and by when.
  • ELT (Executive Leadership Team) will create and monitor and adjust operational plan as it is rolled out across all of the programs and service departments.

Stage V: Performance Management Plans

  • Every employee within the organization will participate ina performance management plan
This identifies how you are contributing to the achievement of the goals of the organization as outlined in the operational plan.
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